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Upcoming Events

Polonya Etkinlik



    Our MSc. Students Esra Altun and Mehmet Onur Aydogdu published their research which they did at University College London as a part of collaboration work. Research entitled "Novel Making of Bacterial Cellulose Blended Polymeric Fiber Bandages" was published in reputable journal called "Macromolecular Materials and Engineering" which is part of Wiley Online Library. The graphical design of our students which is represent their research chosen as the cover photo of the journal.  We congratulate them and wish them the best of success. You can click here to get to work.
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    Our free 3D bio-printer training was carried out with the participation of our students at Marmara University Faculty of Technology
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    Our 3D bioprinter designed by Tribot (İstanbul) firm which is totally domestic production. 
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    Our breakfast organization
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    Master of Science Student Necdet Mekki ERGUL has attented to the 3rd International Conference on Smart Materials (Melbourne, AUS) to make an oral presentation for his research entitled "Effect of temperature, viscosity and surface tension on gelatin structures produced by modified 3D printer". "BEST ORAL PRESENTATION AWARD" was presented to him by the conference delegation.

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       Master of Science Student Sena SU has attended to the 19th International Conference on Food Nanotechnology (Barcelona, ES) to make an oral presentation for her research entitled “Process Optimization of Electrospun Fish Sarcoplasmic Protein Based Nanofibers”. “BEST  ORAL PRESENTATION AWARD” was presented to her by the conference delegation.

Meet the Study Group


    esra slayt 
    Esra ALTUN (MSc.)
     Onur slayt
    Mehmet Onur AYDOĞDU (MSc.)
     burak slayt
    Burak ÖZBEK (MSc.)

    semra slayt 
    Semra ÜNAL (PhD.)
    Necdet Mekki ERGÜL (MSc.)
     sena slayt
    Sena SU (MSc.)

    Zeynep Rüya EĞE (PhD.)
    Ayşenur TOPSAKAL (MSc.)
    Sümeyye CESUR (PhD.)
     Sertan ÖZEN (MSc.)

     Younis MOUKBIL (BSc.)

    Büşra IŞINDAĞ (BSc.)
     Engin Veli GAYIR (BSc.)

    Fatma Betül ERDİLER (BSc.)

    Tuğba ALAN (BSc.)
    Büşra Tuğçe DUYMAZ (BSc.)

    Eda YENİAY (BSc.)

    Leyla ÖCAL (BSc.)

Advance Nanomaterials Research Laboratory